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Woman in Motion


Woman in Motion exists to foster a positive environment for collaboration between artists to produce new works, showcase the individuality of our dancers, and inspire our community. 


To provide creation and performance opportunities for artists through a collaborative process that will produce innovative new work, engage eager audiences, and provide artists with the space for expressive fulfillment.

Co-founded in 2022 by Rachel Thalman and Laura Kaufman, Woman in Motion is a female-led project-based dance company created out of the desire to provide a space for collaboration resulting in performances that showcase versatile dance styles and individual artistry. 

Rachel and Laura, from Pittsburgh and Kansas City respectively, have celebrated successful dance careers since moving to New York City. Both women studied a range of dance styles that eventually led them to fulfilling dance careers in ballet and musical theater.


Woman in Motion, a multifaceted dance company with both jazz and balletic elements, aims to bridge the gap between the concert dance and musical theater worlds by producing shows with a variety of dance styles. It is our goal to provide a nurturing, experimental environment for our dancers to work with emerging and established choreographers, who, in turn, will have the canvas to produce original pieces to add to Woman in Motion’s growing repertoire. Through Woman in Motion, we will catalyze a growing network of artists such as dancers, choreographers, visual artists, costume designers, photographers, and musicians to work in a synergetic movement, aiming to reach artists and audiences outside the scope of the dance community.


Many dancers spend a great deal of their time training and auditioning in an attempt to fit a certain casting mold. At Woman in Motion, individuality is encouraged and our artistic endeavors are catered towards the dancers themselves.


With an abundance of art derailed during the pandemic, Woman in Motion welcomes the responsibility to aid in the replenishment of the diminished artistic content. We strive to counteract this expanding void in society and give more opportunities to the underutilized artistic talent of New York City.


Woman in Motion prides itself on curating works that are female-forward to provide a space for their voices to be heard. The disparity between the amount of female-identifying dancers and opportunities for employment in the dance field is prominent and we seek to offset this imbalance. 


Woman in Motion, at its core, believes that true systemic and artistic change will come from the artist's initiative. In doing such, we strive for pure passion and fulfillment for our artists and art seekers.

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